Friends of OSU Old Growth is a community group organized to preserve old growth trees and forests on Oregon State University lands and advocate for positive change within the College of Forestry.

In May of 2019, OSU logged ~16 acres of forest containing scores of old-growth trees near Baker Creek, just north of Corvallis.  These trees lined a popular recreation corridor and had been appreciated by generations of neighbors, recreational users and OSU forestry folks alike.  Many of the trees were centuries old (one was accurately determined to be more than 420 years old).  Research Forest managers knew these trees were old growth and cut them in violation of their own management plan.  Concerns over the cutting of these amazing trees and the threat of future cutting of OSU’s old growth led to the formation of our group.

Through community awareness and advocacy, we are working to protect OSU’s old-growth trees – and be a catalyst for positive change in the College of Forestry.

Please help to protect these trees by signing our petition