12/10/19: The Oregon Land Board met with the Elliott Advisory Committee, OSU, and other parties in Salem to get an update on OSU’s proposed management plans for the Elliott State Forest. You can read all about it in our Blog section: https://friendsofosuoldgrowth.org/2019/12/13/the-osu-elliott-problem/

Several Friends members testified. Founder, Doug Pollock, was quoted widely in the press:

Portland Tribune: https://pamplinmedia.com/pt/9-news/445618-361396-land-board-considers-options-as-future-of-elliott-state-forest-on-hold-

Corvallis GT: https://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/osu-gets-extension-on-elliott/article_3246fa3f-95c1-5243-8ec4-4c8653258687.html

Medford Mail Tribune: https://mailtribune.com/news/top-stories/future-of-southern-oregon-forest-remains-on-hold

12/9/19: OSU names new Dean of the College of Forestry: https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/oregon-state-university-selects-thomas-h-deluca-new-college-forestry-dean

The new Dean, Dr. Thomas DeLuca, will start at OSU on June 30th, 2020. With his strong background in conservation (including a stint at the Wilderness Society), we are hoping he will bring much-needed changes to the College of Forestry.

Old-growth tree in Sulphur Springs stand, now protected!

11/21/19: The Corvallis Advocate selects Friends of OSU Old Growth founder, Doug Pollock, as the community’s “Most Impactful Person of 2019”: https://www.corvallisadvocate.com/2019/corvallis-most-impactful-people-2019/

Wildlife snag burned by OSU Research Forest staff at ‘No Vacancy’

11/15/19: OSU’s research forest staff burned the slash piles at ‘No Vacancy’. Approx. 50 piles were burned, consuming an estimated 800-1000 tons of wood, and releasing an enormous amount of carbon into our atmosphere. The Dean, OSU administration and Board of Trustees ignored requests to not burn the slash. For more pictures of the burning, go to our “Gallery”.

You can read the series of emails sent to the Dean, OSU administration, and Board of Trustees here:

11/4/19: The OSU Barometer (student newspaper) publishes their first article dealing with the cutting of the Old Growth: http://www.orangemedianetwork.com/daily_barometer/amid-research-forest-policy-changes-community-wants-old-growth-protection/article_6e1b68e8-fea4-11e9-b90f-c3b02aad08c1.html (Note: the original version of the article ran with a picture of an old-growth forest – not even on OSU property! )

10/21/19: Protection of the Sulphur Springs Old-Growth Stand!!! The Interim Dean of the College of Forestry, Anthony Davis, announced that the remaining 36 acres of Old Growth near Sulphur Springs has been, “reclassified into our mature forest reserves” (Old Growth). He also made a formal “un-suspension” of the 2005 research forest plan, “until the new, collaboratively developed forest management plan is complete”. These are truly momentous developments that are a direct result of our group’s advocacy. We appreciate the Dean’s leadership in making these positive changes. You can download the full text of the Dean’s letter here:

Norm Johnson reads Merwin’s “Unchopping a Tree”, Photo by Kent Fields

10/20/19: Those who missed our Forest Memorial Service can find pictures in the Gallery section or read the following articles:

Corvallis Gazette Times: https://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/tree-memorial-draws-somber-crowd/article_676d7ab6-f936-5d6e-b885-57bc7351119f.html

Eugene Weekly: https://www.eugeneweekly.com/2019/10/24/grieving-old-growth/

10/20/19: Everyone is invited to attend a Forest Memorial Service to honor the grove of ancient trees that Oregon State University’s College of Forestry “mistakenly” clear-cut in May. The “No Vacancy” cut in the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest destroyed 16 acres of ancient trees, including at least one Douglas-fir dating to Shakespearean times — 1599. 

During the memorial service, Kim Stafford, Oregon Poet Laureate, will read poems for the trees. Essayist Kathleen Dean Moore will read a meditation she wrote for the forest. The vocal group, Absolute Harmony, will perform songs. Jill McAllister, minister for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis, will officiate the service.  Stay for conversation, cider, and donuts after the service.

We’ll be hosting the memorial service outside, rain or shine. Please bring your raincoats and umbrellas. We encourage you to carpool or use alternative transportation, as parking is limited. Corvallis Transit Service Bus Route 6 stops on Goodnight Avenue, which is a short walk to the Rotary Shelter in Willamette Park.

Everyone is welcome.

Sunday, October 20
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Willamette Park Rotary Shelter

1350 SE Goodnight Ave

10/1/19: Debora and Norman Johnson’s powerful “As I See It” is published in the Corvallis Gazette Times: https://www.gazettetimes.com/opinion/letters/as-we-see-it-protect-ecological-resources-by-following-the/article_1fb247fb-0937-547d-a53e-73268cb02d2c.html No one speaks with more authority and credibility when it comes to OSU’s forest plans, so their scathing critique is of great significance.

9/29/19: Doug Pollock’s essay, “Seeds of Change in the College of Forestry“, provides some perspective and direction for changing the College’s approach to their management of the OSU research forests. The 10-step “Seeds of Change” at the end is a blueprint for repairing the research forest management.

9/25/19: Debora and Norman Johnson publish their assessment of OSU’s (lack of) compliance to their 2005 Research Forest Plan. This 21-page paper is an excellent scientific review of the subject:

9/19/19: The Corvallis Gazette Times publishes Doug’s “Letter to the Editor” detailing violations of the research forest plan: https://www.gazettetimes.com/opinion/letters/letter-osu-cuts-violate-forest-plan/article_4e0936f1-539f-535b-a656-bba2c794cf1b.html

8/28/19: OSU’s College of Forestry holds public meeting at Adair. One person summed up the sentiment: ” You didn’t think we were paying attention. It’s going to take more than one meeting. We are all wary and ready to go. You have kicked the dog.” Read the Corvallis Gazette Times summary of the meeting here: https://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/osu-takes-heat-for-forest-practices/article_baeabf74-ef1b-521b-ab9c-feae19dac71c.html

8/19/19: OSU’s College of Forestry announces “two information sessions for the public regarding OSU’s 10 research forests and the creation of new individual forest management plans to guide the future of those tracts.”: https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/public-invited-attend-information-sessions-about-osu%E2%80%99s-research-forests Note: OSU has reported the 2nd session will be rescheduled due to a schedule conflict.

8/25/19: Our 2nd Friends hike to ‘No Vacancy’ and the Sulphur Springs Old Growth:

8/9/19: Our 1st Friends hike to ‘No Vacancy’ and the Sulphur Springs O G – a great turn-out (45 people)!

Inspecting an Old-Growth Stump – ‘No Vacancy’ hike

7/26/19: The Corvallis Gazette Times publishes powerful “As I See It” by distinguished environmental writer and philosopher, Kathleen Dean Moore: https://www.gazettetimes.com/opinion/letters/as-i-see-it-a-mistake-bigger-than-clear-cutting/article_904ef100-774c-5123-9117-b22a89511b5b.html

7/26/19: The Oregonian (Rob Davis) publishes damning indictment of Dean and Research Forest management, eroding OSU’s credibility with the Elliott: https://www.oregonlive.com/environment/2019/07/majestic-douglas-fir-stood-for-420-years-then-oregon-state-university-foresters-cut-it-down.html

7/24/19: Corvallis Advocate Publishes Updated Story: https://www.corvallisadvocate.com/2019/osu-halts-old-growth-logging-says-loss-of-400-year-old-fir-was-mistake/

7/23/19: OSU old-growth cutting scandal hits the front page of CNN.com!!! https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/23/us/old-growth-trees-cut-oregon-state-trnd/index.html

7/23/19: State Library of Oregon eClips has our photo and link to GT article on their front page: https://statelibraryeclips.wordpress.com/2019/07/23/osu-pauses-old-growth-logging/

7/23/19: KMTR/NBC Eugene runs OSU-biased story on news channel: https://nbc16.com/news/local/osu-looks-to-revamp-forest-management-plan-in-wake-of-260-year-old-trees-being-cut-down

7/22/19: Oregonlive.com (The Oregonian) runs Associated Press story: https://www.oregonlive.com/education/2019/07/oregon-state-halts-old-growth-logging-after-loss-of-400-year-old-tree.html “Oregon State halts old growth logging after loss of 400-year-old tree” (this is an example of a very confusing AP-fed story – with generic OSU picture, truncated coverage and no mention of our group)

7/21/19: Corvallis Gazette Times publishes story: “OSU pauses old growth logging”: https://www.gazettetimes.com/news/osu-pauses-old-growth-logging/article_e5f93598-869b-5afd-8c90-90f5524fd01e.html

7/17/19: Corvallis Advocate breaks our story with Op-Ed piece: https://www.corvallisadvocate.com/2019/op-ed-osu-harvests-old-growth/

7/12/19: I met with Dean Davis and toured the Sulphur Springs O G stand and recent Old Growth harvest area. Two hours later, the Dean sent out a letter announcing sweeping changes in how the Research Forests will be managed: https://friendsofosuoldgrowth.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Forest-Update-7-12-2019.pdf

It is important to point out the Dean’s directives are temporary and will be superseded by the next Research Forest Plan (and we already have serious concerns about the planning process).